The growing importance of print

Small businesses across the nation have felt unimaginable economic impact on their businesses, as workers and citizens are asked to stay home.  Companies are exploring options to market their businesses to improve their suffering bottom line, while consumers are getting inundated with notifications, email campaigns, and the news.  Now more than ever, companies are looking for ways to make their message “stand out” among the crowd.

Along with this, the restrictions and anxiety Americans have faced due to Covid-19 have left us all with a growing desire to connect.  Many have felt comfort by resurrecting projects or pass times and hobbies from their youth.  Consumers feel a connection to creativity and beauty like never before.

It is our human nature to connect with things we can touch and feel.  Print is a tangible, interactive way to communicate and is especially valuable during these uncertain times.  Print with the right message and uniqueness can captivate your audience like never before!

Companies are placing value on the “uniqueness” of their print and brand.  There are several economical ways that we can add sensory effects and features to printed materials, including low cost/low quantity orders, to make them even more effective.

Specialty print features can be included on products like Post Cards, Brochures, Posters, Menus, Table Tents and of course – business cards!

  • Soft touch and laminate
  • Double thick stocks
  • Spot gloss
  • Foil
  • Painted edges
  • Embossing

Print Builds Trust: Market Research Professions (MRX), reports new levels of skepticism and distrust. Thus they continue to say that brand perception will be impacted by a company’s response to COVID-19.  Trust in print remains high!  Prior to the pandemic, the DMA found that ‘56% of people believe printed marketing is the most trustworthy form of communication.’

During crisis times when we are being inundated with digital media, one would expect this percentage is surely even higher!

There’s an opportunity right now for businesses and print providers to help each other through this time.  Small run personalized print with specialty print effects will help to deliver a message that will be trusted by the audience.