Specialized Services

Translation Services

BCSI offers full translation services for any language. Typically, the order is printed with the English language on one side and the translation on the other. The system can be set-up to allow online ordering with the language selected from a drop down menu.

Corporate Identity Changes & Rollouts

BCSI is practiced and knowledgeable at providing increased goods and services resulting from mergers, acquisitions, name changes, corporate identity changes, moves, etc. We provide services for dozens of acquisitions and corporate identity changes each year without any interruption of service. An average of 10,000 orders per day are produced, but this increases drastically during roll-outs.

For example, we produced and shipped 19,600 orders the day after Christmas for a seasonal customer. We also recently produced 400+ rush orders within 4 hours for another financial customer and did not charge for rush service.

Cost Savings Recommendations

BCSI can offer creative ways to save costs, such as alternate print processes, process improvements, weekly grouping, paper stocks, or shipping options. Please contact our marketing department for further information about cost savings.