Specialty Print Embellishments

What are they?

Enhancements to printed pieces that make them unique, “stand out” and draw your attention.

Sensory features that you can feel.

  • Laminate (soft touch)
  • Spot Gloss
  • Foil
  • Painted Edges on business cards
  • Die cuts/Unique shapes
  • Metallic Ink
  • Extra-Thick Stock (35pt)

Why do they add value to brands?

Print embellishments enhance visual appeal to give brands a premium look.

  • Capture attention
  • Differentiate from competitors
  • Enhance corporate image

When should they be used?

High-profile pieces that may be held onto over time.

Marketing materials that are meant to grab your attention and convey a brand image.

  • Business cards
  • Note/greeting cards
  • Marketing collateral

When your goal is to make a true connection to your audience.

How to get started?

Request samples to get your creativity flowing.  Contact us to request a samples, including our non-branded “Stand out with Print” sample kit!

Get input from BCSI about how print embellishments could be incorporated into your brand and designs.

Create a design and have it printed!  Our enhancements are printed digitally, so small quantity orders can be produced without incurring high up-front costs – no dies or printing plates required.