August 3, 2020

Dear Customers:

At BCSI, we are focused on doing what can be done to slow the spread of COVID-19. The safety of our employees and customers is our highest priority.

To help protect our employees we are following strict hygiene procedures. Proper hygiene including handwashing, social distancing, respiratory etiquette is enforced. Masks are required for all onsite employees and visitors.

All employees are encouraged to stay home when sick. Those that are able to do their jobs from home are doing so.

These are unprecedented times and we are going to extreme measures to maintain safety in order to support our loyal customers.

Please make sure there is someone available to receive your package before you place your order! We are here to help with undeliverable shipments that have been returned to BCSI.  Due to the high volume of returned shipments, BCSI must charge a $10 processing/handling fee to re-ship packages plus the carrier return charges and re-shipping charges. You will need to provide a PO to cover the handling fee plus all shipping costs. If you have questions about your order please contact us:

I would like to reassure our customers that we continue to provide the highest quality products and best service in the industry. Thanks for your continued support!

Tom Marchessault, Chief Operating Officer

Experience a business card and stationery supplier who understands that you don’t have time to deal with business card orders.  Our program handles your stationery orders automatically, accurately, and reliably.  We have been dedicated to producing business stationery products for large corporations for over 60 years.



  • BCSI is flexible and nimble with tremendous capacity.  Our specialized system was designed by our internal IT staff to handle mass volumes of variable orders with 99.8% accuracy and 48 hour average turn time.
  • The BCSI team has an average 20-year tenure with continuous knowledge-sharing and industry expertise. Our experience and culture result in a solution-oriented approach that leads to loyal partnerships.
  • BCSI invests in tomorrow’s technology. We are integration experts, integrating with more platforms than any other printer.  We were pioneers in e-commerce with our first electronic order received in 1989.
  • BCSI’s craftsmanship and color consistency, within our production facility results in a worry-free experience.
  • BCSI upholds high ethical standards. We are family-owned, trade-only and protect our distributors’ businesses – if they setup an account with BCSI, we refuse to bid that account for any other distributor without their permission.
  • When you call BCSI, there is no hold-time or automated attendant.  You get a knowledgeable person who listens to you, anticipates your needs, and exceeds your expectations.


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