Environmental Commitment

Environmental Commitment

BCSI supports the highest environmental standards possible. In an effort to contribute to the conservation and responsible management of resources, we have become FSC® certified.

This is beneficial to your organization because your company can demonstrate its commitment to responsible forest management and sound business practices by using BCSI to print corporate stationery on our FSC certified papers.

BCSI is extremely close to reaching our goal to achieve 95% recycled to 5% landfill waste.

Our Majestic Aurora brand paper is 30% Post Consumer recycled and FSC certified.

Each new chemical that is considered for usage is reviewed for their impact on the environment and employees. Specifically, we watch for Carcinogens, VOC’s, heavy metals such as Barium and all hazardous air pollutants.

We offer our customers a variety of environmentally friendly paper choices for their “Go Green” initiatives.